All ArgenLab and Lacto Ag+ products use Nolla Technology, which depends on Silver Polymer as the active substance for its activity against bacteria, viruses and molds.

Why silver?

Silver is a highly attractive choice for an antimicrobial agent: its toxicity to mammals is exceptionally low, but at the same time it is extremely toxic to microbes.

Additional benefit of silver is that it is a broad spectrum biocide, which means that microbes can’t develop a resistance to it.

Due to its beneficial qualities, silver has been used in different forms to eliminate microbes for thousands of years. Currently, silver is being used in anything from water purification to medical applications.

What is Nolla?

Nolla technology uses a polymer backbone as the carrier and distribution agent of ionic silver.

Nolla's unique self-organizing structure results in optimal surface area for antimicrobial silver ions, stability and outstanding adhesion properties to different surfaces. Nolla is only true silver polymer on the market without nano particles. It is a viscous liquid and soluble to water and alcohols. All this equals performance benefits never seen before in antimicrobial silver products.

There are several different Nolla grades available. In the biocide grade Nolla silver polymer, the active component is either silver (Ag), silver chloride (AgCl) or silver nitrate (AgNO3). In cosmetic grade Nolla, the active component is silver oxide (Ag2O). The choice of active component guarantees the best performance in different applications and offers regulatory flexibility.

In Nolla the active component is dispersed evenly in ionic level to the carrier matrix, a skin-hydrating polymer. This attaches the active silver component as a self-organizing thin film on any surface, providing both an immediate antimicrobial effect and a long lasting antimicrobial protection.

Thanks to Nolla’s patented dispersion technology, only a very small amount of silver is required for the full antimicrobial effect. This explains how Nolla can eliminate up to 99.99999% of microbes and also be highly cost effective and safe to use at the same time.

Benefits of the ionomer structure in Nolla silver polymer

Polymer backbone of Nolla is cationic in nature and thus adheres effectively to cell membranes, disrupting ion exchange and promoting antimicrobial performance of silver ions.